t1libconfig:- create the t1lib.config and FontDataBase files for t1lib.
tabs:- The  tabs  program clears and sets tab-stops on the terminal. 
tac:- concatenate and print files in reverse.
tail:- output the last part of files.
tailf:- follow the growth of a log file.
tar:- saves many files together into a single tape or disk archive,
taskset:- retrieve or set a process's CPU affinity
tbl:- format tables for troff
tc:- show / manipulate traffic control settings
tcpd:- access control facility for internet services
tcpdmatch:- tcp wrapper oracle
tcpdump:- dump traffic on a network
tcpslice:- extract pieces of and/or merge together tcpdump files
tcptraceroute:- print the route packets trace to network host
tcsd:- daemon that manages Trusted Computing resources
tcsh:- tcsh - C shell with file name completion and command line editing
teamd:- team network device control daemon
teamdctl:- team daemon control tool
teamnl:- team network device Netlink interface tool
tee:- read from standard input and write to standard output and files
telinit:- Change SysV runlevel (Ex:- telinit)
test:- check file types and compare values
testparm:- check an smb.conf configuration file for internal correctness
testsaslauthd:- test utility for the SASL authentication server
texhash:- create ls-R databases
thin_check:- validate thin provisioning metadata on device or file
thin_dump:- dump thin provisioning metadata from device or file to standard output
thin_metadata_size:- thin provisioning metadata device/file size calculator.
thin_repair:- repair thin provisioning binary metadata from device/file to device/file
thin_restore:- restore thin provisioning metadata file to device or file
thin_rmap:- output reverse map of a thin provisioned region of blocks from metadata device or file
tic:- the terminfo entry-description compiler
time:- time a simple command or give resource usage
timedatectl:- Control the system time and date, may be used to query and change the system clock and its settings.
timeout:- run a command with a time limit
tload:- graphic representation of system load average
tmon:- table of (terminfo) entries
toe:- table of (terminfo) entries
top:- display Linux processes
touch:- change file timestamps
tput:- tput, reset - initialize a terminal or query terminfo database
tr:- translate or delete characters
tracepath:- tracepath, tracepath6 - traces path to a network host discovering MTU along this path
tracepath6:- tracepath, tracepath6 - traces path to a network host discovering MTU along this path
traceroute:- print the route packets trace to network host
traceroute6:- print the route packets trace to network host
tree:-  list contents of directories in a tree-like format. (Ex:- tree /etc)
troff:- the troff processor of the groff text formatting system
true:- do nothing, successfully
truncate:- shrink or extend the size of a file to the specified size
trust:- Tool for operating on the trust policy store
try-from:- test program for the tcp_wrapper
tset:- tset, reset - terminal initialization
tsort:- perform topological sort
tty:- print the file name of the terminal connected to standard input
tune2fs:- adjust tunable filesystem parameters on ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystems
tuned:- dynamic adaptive system tuning daemon
tuned-adm:- commandline tool for switching between different tuning profiles
turbostat:- Report processor frequency and idle statistics (Ex:- turbostat)

tzselect:- select a timezone.
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