kbd_mode:- report or set the keyboard mode
kbdrate:- is  used  to  change the keyboard repeat rate and delay time.
kdump:- This is just a placeholder until real man page has been written
kernel-install:- is used to install and remove kernel and initramfs images to and from /boot.
kexec:- is a system call that enables you to load and boot into another kernel from the currently running kernel.
keyctl:- This program is used to control the key management facility in various ways using a variety of subcommands.
key.dns_resolver:- This  program  is  invoked by request-key on behalf of the kernel when kernel services (such as NFS, CIFS and AFS) want to perform a hostname lookup and the kernel does not have the key cached.
kill:- terminate a process
killall5:- is the SystemV killall command. It sends a signal to all processes except kernel threads and the processes in its own session, so it won't kill the shell that is running the script it was called from.
kpartx:- This tool, derived from util-linux' partx, reads partition tables on specified device and create device maps over partitions segments detected.
kpatch:- is a user script that manages installing, loading, and displaying information about kernel patch modules installed on the system.
kpseaccess:- Exit  successfully  if file can be accessed with the specified mode. determine whether a file can be accessed
kpsereadlink:- If file is a symbolic link, print its contents (what it links to), and exit successfully.  Exit with a failure otherwise.
kpsestat:- prints the octal permission of file modified according to mode on standard output.

kpsewhich:- This  manual  page  is  not  meant to be exhaustive. standalone path lookup and and expansion for kpathsea.
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